Why Us

What brought and kept our clients for the past 13 years:

1. We are Pioneers. Our law firm started in London even before the peak of the property boom in Bulgaria. There was a period, when query with the Law Society in England was resulting in one, single Bulgarian Law firm in the UK - ours.

2. Full Independent Service: At no point of our existence, we were part of a real estate agency, other law firm (foreign or local), developer's company, trade organisation or depending on anyone for our clients. We were not listed at any paid web-sites, property web-gates, by 'friends', working as web-administrators at various embassies, neither a member of our staff has ever been connected with an official, who may 'lead' the clients to ourselves.

3. Our lawyers not only possess significant experience with the local market, but most have either studied or practiced abroad, so they have adopted a 'western style' of answering queries. Everybody at the firm has been trained to 'adjust' the continental law jargon to the common-law system. In addition, we always try to explain with plain words all the possible 'gaps' between expectations, deprived from your home law system and the local standards.

4. We offer stage payments and accept most currencies, hence you are not obliged to go through all the stages with us.

5. While we are not one of the cheapest solicitors, we strive to provide full service and warn you of all obstacles, consequences and necessities in advance. For instance, once you are settled, may refer you to local English speaking GP's; independent accountants; builders, car mechanics etc. We also take care and warn in advance of the tax allowances or complications, following your sale, purchase, investment or partnership.

6. In most circumstances, we can help you to overcome the negative consequences, caused by 'specialists', con-men and wanna be-professionals.

7. Finally, as our company name suggests, we aim truly dynamic response. While your particular circumstances might be complicated and need in-depth preparation, in respect to answering, planning and compliance, we exclude 'Manana', 'I can't get hold of my lawyer' and 'communication breakdowns'.

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