About our team in Dynamic Solutions GB Lawyers

We realize when you make first contact with business professionals, you should get informed about their staff, their field of practice, their fees and job done on similar cases. Thanks to our colleague and founding partner Robert Pascal (graduated lawyer both in Bulgaria and England and a member of the Law Society of England and Wales until 2009), Dynamic Solutions GB was established in the UK on 6th of March, 2003 (UK company number 4688594)as the first ever Bulgarian Law office in Britain.

We have always been part of a team of independent property solicitors, not related to any developer or agents - as our firm's policy is aimed at protect legal and financial interest of our clients(mostly British and Irish). The firm has always followed their strict requests, responded to their troubles and advised them appropriately for the past 12 years. The above information was detailed in order to create a bridge of trust with our clients. Here are also couple examples of our legal workfield:

BULGARIAN CONVEYANCER: Up to the present moment, in our capacity of independent Bulgarian solicitors and professional property lawyers, we have performed successful transfers of deeds of a Bulgarian property (real estate purchases or sales) on behalf of thousands of overseas clients, regardless whether it is a holiday home, cottage or luxury purchase at Spa or Golf resort. Protection of our clients' interests has always been our goal number One.

BULGARIAN CIVIL PROCEEDINGS & LITIGATION: Sometimes, despite all our hard efforts, an agreement could not be reached, so we are quite prepared to move on to a further stage - mediation, arbitration or a court dispute. Our professional experience includes successful completion of hundreds of civil court cases against local or foreign developers.

OTHER We pretend to know almost all specifics of the Bulgarian administration in almost all counties and districts, including their specific internal rules, requirements and time-scales, Land Registry, Companies House, BULSTAT Registry etc. We also possess quite an experience with most Bulgarian banks, especially in relation to bank accounts, loans and mortgages.