Online services


Very often many clients of ours who initially contract us from abroad, require urgent advice on document, private purchase or agency agreements, or a translation of related paperwork in their spoken language, before they sign these. Since there is usually a press by a third party for signing contracts, paying deposits or other expenses due to managing a prospective sale of Bulgarian real estate, but at the same time do not supply you with the relevant documentation on time, you may request an urgent (usually in 24 hrs frame) legal advice online; or to supply yourself with a draft version of a contract which to be protective for your position and which then you may pass towards third parties for negotiating and signing. Sometimes they may present to you a document in Bulgarian language, which you may not understand, and need a translation and especially a legal opinion on its content. In such cases we can also assist you in short timeframes.

Which services are available online and could be performed quickly to serve your needs?
Currently our company offers the following services online:
1. Advice on Bulgarian documents - various Bulgarian contracts, official documents, building documentation, Act 16, company documentation, etc which may be forwarded to you by third parties or obtained by your previous legal representatives.
2. Advice on the legal force and outcome which concrete documents, issued abroad in your own country, may bring in Bulgaria, resp. if these could be legally used in Bulgaria to achieve yoru goals.
3. Investigation for existence of any available immovable assets of local developers/corporate bodies/physical individuals.
4. Preparation of draft Bulgarian agreements or Bulgarian Title Deed - procedure explainted here. We can offer also a preparation of preliminary contract, building contracts, mortgage loan contracts, agency agreements, maintenance contract, management/rental contract, Internal Rules (for residential complexes), contracts for sale or purchase of mobile vehicles, personal wills, etc., to protect your legal and financial interests.
5. Investigation of the current legal status of a concrete Bulgarian real estate (checks for Title, for burdens/mortages, etc.) and local corporate bodies (checks for ownership, financial status, etc.). Obtaining a copy of the cadastral map/scheme of your Bulgarian property (more info here)
7. 24 hours translation of a Bulgarian contract or another local document;
8. Negotiations with third parties.
9. Check for unpaid annual council taxes for your Bulgarian property.
10. Preparation of an offer for slae for oyur Bulgarian real estate, and uploading the offer on our specific website
11. Conveyancing - Due to the increased number of bogus clients, unfair practices from competitors and constant problems with PayPal, this service is no longer available. Dynamic Solutions GB Ltd. apologies for any inconvenience we may have caused.

1. How does it work?
Write down your full names, postal address, email, phone and fax numbers for contact; the name of your agents and their details on the front page of the papers and fax them at +359 52 655 668 or email them at . You can also fill in the online form from here. We will contact you asap to confirm receipt of your documents and to confirm with you the most convenient for you way of payment. In 24 hours one of our specialists will study the contract, examine the papers and prepare written opinion as you will also receive quotation for the total costs of the service. Once this has been done, we shall contact you via email, fax or phone with confirmation that your advice is ready to be forwarded to you. Then, you may order 24 hours or standard advice on contract. You will receive on the provided contact details our written opinion regarding all aspects of the contract, including hidden defects, clauses against your interests, proposals for changes; explanation about the technical stages of the transfer and the likely problems you may face while arranging the new terms and conditions. Note that this option gives you pure advice on contract; we do not contact your agent/developer to negotiate proposed changes or carry out investigations.

2. How do I make payments?
Making payment is simple – depending of the most convenient method for you, you will be instructed by our team about the ways of making a bank transfer of fees related to the concrete job..

3. Can I still pay by cheque or BACS, or via home internet banking?
Currently we do not accept payments via posting chequest to us or via BACS - Bulgaria is still developing country where such modern and immediate instruments for payment are not yet popular. But for small amounts, for example for advices or for preparation of will, if you are settled in the UK, we accept Shaps/Bacs payment in UK bank account in order to save to you bank charges and to speed-up the process. Please contact us for more details.

4. Can I order step - by - step services?
Yes, you can. We truly understand how difficult is to form a line of trust internationally. Advice on contract is the first and compulsory step, so we may consider your circumstances and let you know what needs to be done next. On the other hand "Step - by - step" method has proven to be extremely expensive in relation to bank charges. In cases of initial negotiations where you prefer this method, you may be charged £80 per hour for the actual time we have spent dealing with your case. Sometimes only negotiations of terms and conditions may take more than two working days. We encourage our clients to employ full service instead of trying to do solicitor\'s work on their own. But of course we offer both options.