Our services

1) PROPERTY & CIVIL LAW, COURT PROCEDURES (Step-by-step service and payment available) - See our section Debt recovery and lawsuits
- Preparation and enterining of claims, as well legal representation in local court by Bulgarian lawyer; including investigation of assets to prognoze the chances for refund of plaintiff's investment, preparation of civil claims, actual representation on hearings, obtaining court decisions, participation in execution procedures in order to collect the debts, etc.
- Preparation, entering and legal representation on civil court procedures by Bulgarian solicitor, claims for freezing assets (namely establishing burdens on these) for securing court claims, litigation procedures, civil or criminal claims; debt civil procedures; performance of court cases for receipt of properties, etc.
- Preparation, applying and legal representation by Bulgarian lawyer on funds-recovery procedures, execution procedures, public auctions, etc.

2) SELLING A BULGARIAN PROPERTY - See our section Property selling
- Legal advice on Bulgarian property, legal consulting when transferring deeds of a Bulgarian property and full representation on selling/re-sale of real estate properties in Bulgaria (incl.initial examination of the related documentation and advanced listing the property on our own designated page) by independent Bulgarian lawyers; performance of transferring deeds of a Bulgarian property; where needed,comparing prices of similar properties, dealing with local agents, uploading the offer on our own website www.dynsolproperties.com, etc.

3) DUE DILIGENCE - Legal investigation of assets of individuals and companies in Bulgaria
In cases where prospective litigation procedure is considered, we are capable to perform due diligence procedure, related to a physical individual (local or foreign person) or a local corporate body. If you wish to acquire information about what a person or a company owns in Bulgaria in relation to managing a debt collection (i.e. to find out if you have chances for refund of your Bulgarian investment) or inheritance matters; or alternatively, if you wish to get informed about the relations of a particular person or a company with local corporate bodies, we can help you.
In situations of prospective company acquisitions, if you wish to get informed about the legal and financial standing of a company, before you purchase it, we can help.
There are several legal and technical aspects of Due diligence which we can perform for you:
- Due diligence of local companies, where we investigate and prepare due diligence report by Bulgarian lawyer.
- Due diligence of physical individuals, where we investigate and prepare due diligence report by Bulgarian lawyer.
- Real estate due diligence, where the legal and financial aspects of investment are examined, with the purpose to establish whether it could be a straight and proper deal or not.
Such legal report could be subject of consideration for managing performance of prospective litigation procedures, or may be used in your own country as evidence, when needed.
Contact us - www.dynsolgb.com/contact_us.htm for more information.

4) BUYING A BULGARIAN PROPERTY - See our section Property buying
- Legal advice on Bulgarian property, legal consulting and full legal representation on buying real estate properties in Bulgaria by independent and professional Bulgarian lawyers; where needed and requested by the client, finding of reasonable offers, comparing prices of properties in order to clear the client's view on the specifics of the local markets (this is called "reasonable investment"); performance of transferring deeds of a Bulgarian property.
- Legal representation for obtaining a bank loan/mortgage loan at local banks, incl. negotiating with local banks by Bulgarian solicitor in relation to amendment of the repayment plan.
- Legal checks by Bulgarian property solicitor and investigations on real estates (type and category land; obtaining a certificate for lack of burdens for your property; building documentation and other related documents; communications; supplies; basic state of the building & building material prices; closest villages, closest plots and neighbors; Ecological problems in the area and noise level; Crime level; Insurance & security of the property; claims against the property; court decisions and other factors which may affect your rights as owner. Basically we offer all the services on the property law field, that could be performed by Bulgarian solicitor.
- Legal checks and legal investigation on building company, agents, sellers, developers, buyers, including investigation of their company file at the local Companies House;
- Legal advice & Legal representation on signing of all kinds of preliminary & final contracts, inclduing Title Deeds, Mortgage Deeds, Sale/Purchase contracts, maintenance contracts, rental (management) contracts, contracts for building works, contracts for architectural projects, etc
- Bulstat registration of foreign property owners (physical individuals and corporate bodies) and property registration at the related local Tax Authority; Checks of annual council property taxes and paying it on behalf of the owner where requested by the client;
- Representation related to reimbursement of installments or negotiation of compensation due to late or delayed completion of local developments/complexes. Out-of-court negotiation, management and legal representation on completion of delayed developments/complexes/properties and property transfers by a solicitor in Bulgaria; negotiating penalties, compensations, etc.
- Representation on maintenance of common shares and facilities in complexes (Condominium law) - preparation of contracts, participation in General Meetings, Registration of new established management bodies at the local Authorities, negotiations and signing of maintenance contracts, etc.;
- Full Conveyancing by Bulgarian solicitor;
- Escrow Agreement (secure payments) *Limited Service

5) BUYING A BULGARIAN PROPERTY - See our section Prepering contracts
- Peparation and exchange of various kinds of contracts (incl. maintenance contracts, management/rental contracts, Internal Rules or Regulations, building contracts, etc., contracts for perfomance of completion and finishing works, etc.)
- Official legal correspondence and communication between parties.
- Negotiation by Bulgarian property lawyer of price of real estate properties in relation to purchasing or sale.
- Consulting, preparation and registration of your Bulgarian wills, related to your Bulgarian property - Will preparation
For your property purchase or property sale, or about dealing with your company matters, upon your request at our law office, we can manage and appoint for your business matters the personal presence of one of ours:
- Bulgarian lawyer to work for you in Varna, Golden Sands, Kavarna and Dobrich
- Bulgarian lawyer to work for you in Sofia and the region, Samokov and Borovets.
- Bulgarian lawyer to work for you in Plovdiv, Stara Zagova and Yambol.
- Bulgarian lawyer to work for you in Bansko, Razlog, Blagoevgrad and Sandanski.
- Bulgarian lawyer to work for you in Pamporovo, Smolyan, Chepelare and Devin.
- Bulgarian lawyer to work for you in Obzor, Sunny Beach, Nesebar, Burgas, Sozopol, etc. Basically a professional solicitor in Bulgaria who will personally deal on the spot with the matters related to your deal; negotiate with third parties; apply or obtain documents at the Authorities, or sign on your behalf; interprete, etc.

6) CORPORATE & TAX LAW - See our section Corporate and Commercial matters
- Company law (Setting up a new local corporate body, other corporate body or branch; change of circumstances of local companies).
- Registration & liquidation by solicitor in Bulgaria of companies and branches; mergers and acquisitions; change in particulars such as officers, shareholders, type activity etc.
- resolving VAT issues on local corporate bodies and local companies *Limited Service
- Bankruptcy law; participation of insolvency and liquidation procedures of companies after tranferring deeds of a Bulgarian property, owned by the company;
- Commercial and Corporate law
- Cheks of registered local companies' for existing tax obligations (unpaid annual taxes and/or fines, undeclared properties)
- Employment law *Limited Service
- Official Legal translations
- Consulting for avoiding double taxation for foreign nationals settled or settling in Bulgaria
- Accountancy for British and Bulgarian based Ltd Companies
- Immigration/Visa services for Bulgaria EU and ECAA nationals - *Limited Service (Please note that we do not deal with asylum/refugee applications or with matters arising under the ECHR) - Immigration Laws
- Family, Marrital & Inheritance law
- Annual tax calculation (personal and company)
- Bank accounts, direct debits, mortgages *Limited Service