Inheritance issues

Investigation of available assets in Bulgaria

Inheritance issues are often encountered in situations where a deceased foreign individual, own assets both in the country of their last residence and in Bulgaria. A heir who is entitled to administer the inheritor’s estate (usually his parent’s assets) very often is not familiar with the properties which his grantor has previously bought in Bulgaria – usually because the grantor has not included these in their personal will, neither left a Bulgarian will. We are capable to help the heirs in such situations and resolve inheritance issues accruing from such cases. On the base of our knowledge and experience on the field of the Bulgarian property Law, we can investigate and trace assets that a deceased foreign individual has acquired in Bulgaria – anywhere within the country. We are capable to perform legal investigation of the Bulgarian real estates and movable properties, by investigating the existence of title deeds for possession of land, apartments, houses, etc., bank accounts, movables (motor vehicles),as well as any locally registered Bulgarian wills. Respectively, to check their actual title deed and confirm the legal status, lack of legal burdens or third parties’ rights, etc.

We are also able to provide the legal advice needed for the distribution of these assets among the heirs according to the requirements of the Bulgarian Law, where we can represent all the heirs and perform the actual distribution of the Bulgarian assets (real estates, bank deposits, movables) among them, without any need for the heirs to visit Bulgaria in person at any stage; we can help in obtaining the current Title Deeds to prepare and register the new title deeds for ownership in the names of the heir(s); at the end of the process to forward the originals of the new Title Deeds to them, translated in their home spoken language, to register the newly acquired properties in their names at the local Tax Authorities, etc. and complete the additional registrations .

When engaging our legal services bear in mind that a grant of probate/death certificate and other documents proving your legal relation with the deceased person (issued by the competent authorities ) may need to be obtained by you and forwarded to us so we can complete our work.

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