Bulgarian Immigration Law

LEGAL SERVICES FOR OBTAINING BULGARIAN VISA: For the last couple of years Bulgaria has become attractive field for investment, where the Rules of visas for permanent residenship apply. It is important to point here that in accordance to the Bulgarian Immigration Laws, there are different legal procedures applicable for EU-citizens that allow obtaining directly long-term residence certificate, and rules for the other foreigners outside the EU, for which applicants shorter terms for legal stay in Bulgaria apply. There are short-term residence visas (type C, up to 90 days of residence), long-term residence visas (type D - up to one year of residence) and permanent residence certificates (valid for 5 years). Applicants should apply for visas at the local Bulgarian embassy or consular section. We can advise applicants on the necessary documents that must support their visa application, to prepare it, etc. In cases of eventual refusal for issuing visa by the Authorities, we can appeal refusals on behalf of the applicant, at the local Bulgarian court, which judicial body is entitled to hear these specific appeals.

- Our legal team may consult you about the provisions of the Bulgarian legislation related to Immigration Law and to clear your view on the opportunities to reside for short or long term in Bulgaria. We can advise you also about the necessary documents needed to be presented in the local Migration Offices, to prepare your application and to represent you before the local Authorities in obtaining your residence certificate.

LEGAL SERVICES FOR ACQUIRING BULGARIAN CITIZENSHIP: Obtaining Bulgarian citizenship via naturalization is also available following our Laws, including cases of making investments, cases of having Bulgarian origins (applicants who have Bulgarian ascendants), Bulgarian spouse, etc. If you are interested in investing in our country then you should consider the benefits of permanent residenship in Bulgaria, and respectively, in obtaining Bulgarian citizenship by naturalization, available by our Laws, that will then allow you also to travel within the European Union & Shengen too.

- Our legal team can advise you on the legal bases for obtaining Bulgarian citizenship, about the necessary documents that should support the particular application, etc. We can represent you when applying for Bulgarian citizenship at the Ministry.

LEGAL SERVICES FOR APPLYING FOR REFUGEE STATUS: Foreigners can seek protection and legal status in Bulgaria on the base of the Act for Asylim and Refugees. There are several legal types of protection, given by our Laws - refugee status, humanitarian status and temporary protection.

- Our legal team can advise you on your situation as well on the procedures for obtaining refugee status, where it is possible per the Law.

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