Contacting developers

Based on our long-term experience on the property market and the field of construction services, we can offer to our clients comprehensive legal services in order to protect their interests as investors in new projects/developments.

We are able to provide full service from conception to completion by offering to our clients: interior design, projects, plans, drawings, help with the choice of builder, building materials and furniture. You are free to choose whether to work with us during the whole process from buying the land to your first day at the new home (or first collected rent if you prefer) or to rely on our assistance on particular/certain stages only. We may also refer you to local building companies and negotiate the price on your behalf. If you have decided that a British company will perform all the building/renovating works in Bulgaria, then we may assist in every single issue arising from such co – operation as accommodation and visas for the workers, independent surveyors, local taxes, permissions etc.

The legal representation procedure which extends to all the activities related to the building process includes:

- Finding and contacting the appropriate participants involved in the building process ( developer, builder, architect, agent ,etc.) from the area where the property is situated by means of independent search or by contacting the previously chosen and proposed by our client participants, depending on the project ,the terms for completion and the required quality of the project.

* Please, bear in mind that occasionally it is difficult to find and to contact participants in the building process from the same area (the area the property is situated in) and we have to contact professionals practicing in other parts of the country.

- Discussing and particularizing the developer’s/builder’s/architect’s/agent’s offer and presenting a circumstantial information on the services and the activities that need to be performed for completion of the project/development. We always try to strictly follow our company policy and offer our clients at least several investment plans, depending on their requirements, so they can get a clear view of all the expenses, related to the completion of their project/development. Please, kindly note that we cannot accept or decline an offer proposed to our clients by a third party ,we just try to make our clients’ choice easier.

- Examination and negotiation of any kind of contracts, related to the building process - contracts for architectural projects, for supervising control, contracts for construction services, contracts for joining to the local suppliers’ networks, agency agreements, etc.

- Actual signing on our clients’ behalf of all the contracts (previously negotiated to suit their interests best) and providing all the conditions for “secure investment” by means of monitoring the performance of the parties’ obligations through legal examination of the provided documentation and always trying to follow the principle “If there is nothing done, there is nothing to be paid for”