Registration of real estate new owners in the local Bulgarian Cadastre Agency

Although the Cadastral Agency keeps an online register of the properties in most of the parts of the country, still it does not automatically registers new owners of a concrete immovable property, on their cadastral maps, once a purchase of a real estate in Bulgaria has been completed (see also Property buying).
If you own a real estate in Bulgaria (a plot, house or apartment), then you need to know that most likely there is a Cadastral Map for the concrete area and resp. for your property, where it has been detailed with several digits’ & dots’ identification number. When you decide to perform a sale, then prior to it, a cadastal scheme for the property, with your name as owner listed on it, needs to be obtained. This is why, once you have initially bought the property, you should register yourself at the local Cadastre. We can register you on your behalf at the concrete department of the Cadastral Agency and if needed by you, to obtain the scheme for the property on your behalf. For most real estates we are also able to provide to a precise visualization of the concrete estate on the Earth map – for example facing the neighbors, directions towards sea, roads, etc.
In addition, there are many examples where a concrete apartment has been purchased in the past, and so when the Cadastral Map on a later stage has entered into force for the concrete municipality area, this property, or even a whole building may not have been detailed on the Cadastral Map – i.e. missing, so no scheme could be obtained for such a property, at least not until properly measured and registered on the Map with its specifications, size, neighbors, owner, etc. Which means that, once organizing a future re-sale of this non-registered apartment, registration at the Cadastre has to be done in advance separately, by a private geo measurement company, in other words – against additional payment and with additional delays that could affect the straightness of the sale. Contact us