What Others Say About Us & Our Legal Services

About Our Bulgarian Lawfirm

01.04.2014 - “Would just like to say my wife and I really appreciate the work you have done for us. Its difficult dealing with matters in a foreign country, especially legal issues, and you and your firm have performed the requested duties we asked of you in an efficient manner while taking the time to explain things we were unsure of. Its always nice to deal with a firm that has honesty and integrity. If we have any further dealings in Bulgaria we will certainly make your firm the first port of call.
Thank you once again! Kind Regards, C & S.M.”, Doncaster, the UK

05.08.2013 - "Just so you know - I have found Dynsol very good, we have used them for a purchase in Bulgaria, they have sorted out excellent compensation due to late completion of our apartment, which was well above that detailed in the contract. Hope this helps to allay any fears you may have!" DH, Chippenham

04.06.2012 - "Hi. Have received your email and thank you for your understanding. Have also received an email of one of your clients who seems very keen to keep in touch with me whilst she is on her in Bulgaria. I am always on the look out for property bargains at home and abroad and would gladly use your services again if the situation arises, looking at all the good publicity i have received about you i would be a fool not to." Take Care. Neil

30.10.2010 - "I hope all’s well with you. Thanks ever so much for checking my apartment – I’m extremely relieved that everything is OK with it, and I’ve now received my BULSTAT card. It is strange (but good!) that I haven’t been fined – this isn’t anything to worry about is it? Again, many thanks for your help and work." Best regards, SPM

06.03.2009 - "We were over last week with Alan and are really keen to purchase properties in the Sushina village along with Alan. We would very much like to use your company to represent us based on Alan's strong recommendation but I think we need to talk about our situation to date at some time soon." BH, Wales

14.10. 2007 - "Hi R. I would definitelly recommend you to my partners. Knowledge, making real promises and keeping them is hard to find in your field. It's relaxing to find solicitors that appreciates our business interests." KL, London

27.03.2006 - "I would like to say a big thank you for the beautiful and sophisticated way you recovered our funds. It was our life savings night-mare and please again accept my sincere apologies for the lack of trust in the beginning." God bless you all! RE, Katowice

And About Our Lawyers

24.10.2010 - "Thanks again for all you have done for me. I so very much appreciate it, and still feel terrible for that day last summer when you drove all the way from Varna to VT with the keys and we failed to meet up with you! What a mad day that was! Mad few days actually - we only visited Dobri Dyal in the end, but hope to get back out sometime this year and find Maslerevo (did I spell the names right?!)
Anyway, I look forward to hearing back from you, and in the meantime I hope you are keeping well and happy!" Best wishes, RK, Sunbury-sub-Mendip

15.09.2008 - "Dear Mr RP.
Right at the outset I express my thanks for the courtesy extended to me and my cousin Mr PS during our visit to your office." KR

07.02.2006 - "Dear Robert,
Dear Robert, I would just like to say thank you for the excellent service we have received from Poli, Iva, Stan and yourself. As much as we have been frustrated (rightly or wrongly) with Comfort Inn's delays but also due to the lack of communication on there part when there are delays as we now once again have no idea why we are due to exchange. It must be said that Dynamic Solutions staff have been both efficient and courteous in all our dealings. Hopefully we are nearing the end of our business with Comfort Inn but would very much like to continue to benefit from our continued association with Dynamic Solutions." Kind regards, D & S S

About Our Accountancy

10.03.2007 - "Dear Iveta,
Your team did excellent service in impossibly short terms. I doubt anyone else in my position has avoided the fines. Great work and greetings to the rest of the girls." SL, Kent

And In General

08.11.2010 - "Thanks Robert, you are a star! Just phone me when you get back to South Ken as I am going to Thailand for then next 6 weeks on 14th July; if you are not that busy I am serious of the keys, all of the 7 bedrooms and the car are yours for 4-5 weeks; take some friends and enjoy Sidney." HR, Wales